A strategic multilevel mobile game

An iOS and Android smartphone and tablet 9-level game with a survival mode, plus a launch campaign. 

Hussites | Strategy multilevel mobile game


Presenting the Hussites theme to the young target audience as an attractive topic, invite them to watch the Hussites movie.

The solution

The mobile game Hussites is based on the animated film of the same name created by a renowned director and artist Pavel Koutsky. It takes place in nine different challenging battles over three historically famous battlefields. The game is accompanied by characters from the movie, Mlhoš and Záboj, who come to offer tactical advice. The challenge is to defend yourself using various weapons and magic spells against the crusaders, and prevent their invasion of the city/village.


  • Bob Tetiva

    Project manager
  • Ondřej Vala

    Art director
  • Marc Sanderson

  • Edita Krausová

  • Ondřej Pultera

  • Robin Pultera

  • Jakub Urbanec


In numbers

  • 90 000 downloads

  • 3 days No. 1 free app

    in AppStore
  • 11 days in TOP10 free apps

    in AppStore
  • 2 mio hours spent

    playing the game by users

From scratch to frame-by-frame animation

For starters, Pavel Koutsky provided us with the drawings. We then took each one of them and turned them into animations, frame by frame. Once the animations were ready, we put them together to form a layout for the game itself, resulting in graphics that is both fun to look at and play with.


A number of characters and weapons

Nine battlefields, seven weapons, three magic spells, and countless ways to fight the crusade scum! The trick is to exchange pints of beer to gain weaponry, and defend the village before the menace in silver armour.


3 days Nr. 1 in free apps on the App Store

Being in charge, that's what the mobile game Hussites is all about. We've proved our point by taking the throne of the free app section in the AppStore and maintained it for three days! After that we simply didn't have enough beer to fight off the enemy.

Rock For People

4.5 star rating

The game was launched along with the movie and within a few days, it became #1 on the AppStore and #2 on GooglePlay.

  Available on the Appstore and Google Play