Alpine Rockfest

Campaign for an international ski event

New website and digital strategy for an all-star ski event combining sports and entertainment

Alpine Rockfest

The challenge

Create a new website for Alpine Rockfest and a communication strategy to promote the Alpine Rockfest event. Show Alpine Rockfest as an event that stands out of from the typical alpine race events.

The solution

We started with a new single page event website showcasing starting athlete all-stars. We came up with the main communication theme "Choose your Alpine Rockfest mascot". There were two mascots - a hot ex vicemiss Slovakia and a charming philologist bartender who both became true celebrities in Trentino, took photos with all the sports stars and helped Czech racer Kryštof Krýzl win third place. The key element of the communication was an interactive microsite introducing the mascots with the ability to help your favorite one by playing fun video exercises. The microsite and event were promoted using a smart Facebook PPC campaign targeting audiences in specific regions who are interested in alpine skiing. We additionally used social media and offline media using print ads and posters.


  • Robin Pultera

    Project lead
  • Štěpán Kleník

    Digital strategy
  • Magda Rejhonová

    Social media
  • Tomáš Fišera

    Art director
  • Martin Vlach

    Tech lead
  • Jan Kleník & Sklenik


In numbers

  • 45 000 000 impressions

    on Facebook
  • 490 436 exercises

    on microsite