Budvar B:Dark

Interactive real-time streaming

Microsite for a prominent Czech brewery. Designed for those with heavy thoughts and gloomy moods.

Budvar B:Dark | Interactive real-time streaming


There are days in life when there is simply nothing to be cheerful about. When you have a gloomy mind, why not share what's on it with a beer that understands and needs you? 

The solution

We designed a microsite and cooperated on the idea of a concept of a beer that is equally dark and obscure as its consumers. We placed two speakers in a room who listened to the gloom of others. In a real-time streaming, they then read it out loud to beer yeast in tanks placed in cellars in České Budějovice in order to transfer the negative energy where it's needed.  


  • Robin Pultera

    Project lead
  • Jan Patawa

    Art director
  • Martin Vlach

    Tech lead
Rock For People

Making of the scene

We descended to the darkest cellars of the Budweiser Budvar brewery together with a camera and loudspeakers, connected directly to the gloomy room in Prague. There the darkest thoughts were confessed to a human speaker who then read them out loud to the tanks in the cellars for the best beer brewing process. 

Budvar B:Dark | Speakers

14 gloomy days

For a period of two weeks, a speaker was seated in a dismal room in front of a computer, listening to dark thoughts of strangers and passing them on to the cellars in Budweis in a real-time streaming. Anyone was free to express what bothered his/her heavy mind and thus contribute to the premium quality of the B:Dark beer. 

Budvar B:Dark | Best messages