Tea master

4 trivial mini games for Aquila

iOS and Android games where you master the art of tea making. A marketing promo project to support the Aquila Ice Tea campaign of Karlovarské minerální vody.


The challenge

Creating an extension of the ATL campaign of Aquila Ice Tea. Attracting the digital age target group and get it involved. This target group doesn't watch TV, it doesn't listen to the radio - it's purely digital.

The solution

We created a set of 4 trivial games in a unique visual style. The games take only 2 minutes to play altogether and users can benchmark with friends on Facebook.


  • Bob Tetiva

    Project lead
  • Ondřej Vala

    Art director
  • Ondřej Pultera


In numbers

  • 19 000 downloads

  • users spent 150 000 minutes

    with the Aquila brand

4 mini games to promote the product

We developed four separate games in which the player is challenged with tricky tasks in the art of tea making - to pick lemons, collect pots of water, amass tea leaves, and choose the correct taste. Fun, right?

Four and a half stars

The users who downloaded the game off the App Store have rated it with four and a half stars, proving that becoming a tea master is a popular discipline! Feel free to become one yourself, practise, play, crush your buddies by gaining more points, and enjoy.

  Available on the Appstore and Google Play