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Website and mobile app for CzechTourism

New website and a mobile app helping users discover every region of the Czech Republic through captivating storytelling

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The challenge

Creating a website and a mobile app presenting a number of known and less known stories from all over the country as part of touristic promotion and support, and encourage locals as well as tourists to travel across the Czech Republic with a new approach.

The solution

We created a website and a mobile app mapping every region in the Czech Republic, filled with interesting stories from the past, legends, worthy places of interest, fun facts, and thematic trips typical for every part of the country.


  • Bob Tetiva

    Project lead
  • Ondřej Vala

    Art director
  • Marc Sanderson

  • Daniel Kouba

    Head of development
  • Nikolaj Tutarinov

    Mobile lead
  • Petr Pechoušek

    Android development

Spreading the word through massive campaigns

The project was heavily supported by a large media campaign that we ran, both online and offline. We managed the official Facebook page of CzechTourism for 6 months. We also created and managed the contest #Miluju české hory, inviting people to submit and share their original photos from Czech mountains on a special microsite and social networks. The contest resulted in our organisation of a unique exhibition of the best works which we organized.

700th birthday of Charles IV

All through 2016, the Czech nation celebrated the important 700th birth anniversary of Emperor Charles IV. The whole country pays tribute to the greatest Czech sovereign and his legacy in various ways (exhibitions, shows, and several other cultural events).For this opportunity, we prepared a whole new website dedicated to stories about Charles and his life, accompanied with interesting facts about his persona and his era, along with thematic trips all around the Czech Republic.