Communication is one of the most important skills we have. There wouldn't even be a >we< without it. The exploitation of the global operating Internet opened up a complete new sphere for communicating in culture, daily life and science. The challenge for this project is to reach out for new ways of exploring these spheres by combining the usual codes for communication with a new visual and sensual approach.

This project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


The challenge

To build a strong visual identity for a cultural initiative that challenges creative communication, verbal and non-verbal digital expression, and community behaviour. To conceptualize, design and launch unconventional mobile application and deliver its relevant promotional campaign.

The solution

We proposed a clear and inspiring visual identity for the cultural project realized in an international cooperation among partners from Barcelona, Budapest, Karlsruhe and Prague. The leading design principle was “imagine it… what if…”.

The major outcome of the project will be a mobile application that combines rich modes of user responses and creates unconventional data interpretations (narrative visuals) of community interactions.


  • Štěpán Kleník

    Project lead
  • Jana Kubátová

    Account management
  • Tomáš Fišera

    Art director
  • Nikolaj Tutarinov

    iOS developer

What if?

The visual identity invites imagination to flourish… Everything is in process. Logo can vary while changing final shapes and colours. It can always look surprisingly new, and provoke again…