Kino Pilotů

New flying corporate identity, brand manual, website, and communication concept

There are projects we are simply proud to be part of. We co‑created a brand new identity from scratch, turning this cinema into one of the most iconic and loved cultural spots in the city.

Pomáhej pohybem

The challenge

Creating the visual style of a freshly reconstructed two-auditorium cinema that was first opened in 1908. The cinema's ambition is to contribute to the dramaturgy of other movie theatres in Prague. Its purpose is not to show only art and commercial films, but also to screen documentaries and allow people to organize conferences.

The solution

In the initial phase we designed a basic corporate identity for the branding of the cinema, the navigation in both the interior and exterior, and printing of merchandise. The second phase included a conspicuous concept apparent in the entire external communication - thus it binds all promo material, the website and the communication as a whole.


  • Stepan Klenik

    Project lead
  • Ondřej Vala

    Art director
  • Jiří Váňa

    Tech lead


The branding of the cinema Kino Pilotů (Pilots Cinema) follows the name of the venue and its founder, an aviator. Besides the main logotype, we designed a set of flying motives serving to promote significant information and the branding of merchandise.

Visual concept

We speak clearly - through film language. The film image and the subtitle becomes the main visual pattern for delivering any key message.

Applying the visual concept

The name and the purpose of the venue speak for itself - the interior and all external communication material bear the aviation pattern and film-related visuals. Everything from visiting cards, film programs to the bar equipment should be explicit in delivering a simple message - this is cinema Kino Pilotů. Let there be no doubt about it.