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EPP - Mobile sport tester app for ČEZ foundation

Mobile app that tracks your favorite fitness (or other) activity and instead of just giving statistics, it allows you to support a ČEZ foundation project of your choice.

Pomáhej pohybem

The challenge

Create an interactive mobile application that will help the ČEZ foundation get people involved in supporting their charity projects.

The solution

The idea is simple. Download the app, choose your favorite activity (running, walking, biking, jumping etc.), collect points and choose a project of your choice upon completion of the activity. Your points will be donated to the project, and after the point limit required for the given project is reached, the ČEZ foundation will support the project by financing it.


  • Bob Tetiva

    Project lead
  • Ondřej Vala

    Art director
  • Marc Sanderson

  • Nikolaj Tutarinov

    Tech lead
  • Petr Pechoušek

    Android development
  • Michal Froněk

    Backend development

In numbers

  • 90 000 app downloads

    so far...
  • 7 041 000 points

    collected by users to support projects
  • Almost 200 000 activities

    accomplished by app users

#1 App store

Shortly after the launch, the app reached top rankings on both App store and Google Play.

#More then 90k people are helping

And more importantly, and better than the ranking, people started to love the idea and began using the app instead of their favorite sport testers.

  Available on the App Store and Google Play