Rock For People

The Scream campaign

Promotion of one of the biggest Czech music festivals, based not only on the line‑up and performing artists

Rock For People

The challenge

There are many music festivals in the Czech Republic, big and small. Some present its audience a unique offer in music and genre, others count on well-established artists. Some festivals bet on the poor taste in music of the Czech festival goer, other choose to educate him. They all have one thing in common, though. Emotions. The bigger the festival, the bigger their concentration. The experience of the festival doesn't need to be strictly the one you get from music. Festival is a restart! It's sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, plus something extra! It is a chance to blend it altogether and experience it with others. And this is what we like to call real social sharing!

The solution

We addressed Facebook fans of RFP with a request to send us a video of them screaming. Not yelling, really screaming! From a whole pile of submitted videos we selected the most bizzare ones. We then invited their creators into a studio where they were given the chance to let it all out properly! The expressions of the participants were shot and filmed. The final promo video needs no further explanation. Anyone who has ever been to a festival will surely understand!


  • Štěpán Kleník

    Project lead
  • Petr Hanousek

    Idea maker
  • Jan Patawa

    Art director
  • &FLUX Studios