Stanton Chase

Corporate and website redesign

A complete brand identity update along with the launch of the new corporate website

Stanton chase | corporate redesign

The challenge

Facelift of international brand indentity that operates 72 offices in 43 countries. Develop a new corporate website with CMS capable to manage all the needs of the offices around the world.

The solution

Since the corporate website serves as the central presentation element for the company, we started to build the identity around the new website. The website concept then served as a platform for building the rest of the brand guidelines - everything from print materials to guidelines that define the usage of photography in all brand materials.


  • Štěpán Kleník

    Project lead
  • Láďa Durchánek

    Tech lead
  • Jan Patawa

    Art director
  • Láďa Janeček

    Tech lead

In numbers

    • 72 offices around the world

      in 43 countries

Brand new logotype,
with corporate identity rebuilt

Starting with the new website we started rebuilding the whole Stanton Chase identity from scratch. Everything was rebuilt - from an invitation card to company brochures.